Company Background & Focus

PerformWorld was founded in 2003 by Jonathan Russell, a Finance professional with many years of specialist experience in shared services organisation (SSO) & business process outsourcing (BPO) performance management.

Prior to creating the company, whilst working on a number of start-up in-house and outsourced shared services programmes, it had always been necessary to develop bespoke service management and measurement tools as no fit for purpose solutions were readily available on the market to help manage performance in a holistic, integrated fashion.

Consequently the lack of solutions available in the marketplace led to the development of a set of innovative web based performance measurement tools designed specifically to help SSO and BPO organisations understand their gaps in performance and manage services more efficiently and effectively.

Our performance tools can be used at all stages in the maturity lifecycle of SSO or BPO organisations; they appeal to organisations with a strong desire to save money and improve quality and timeliness of processing. The outputs provide benefits for both senior leadership and all people involved with service delivery itself on the operational floors. Invaluable service level performance data of particular interest to customers is presented in a highly visual impact dashboard format along with capability to drill down even right down to line item level. The tools are often used by organisations thinking about developing an internal shared service or outsourcing certain functions as the powerful analysis tools provide robust facts and evidence to build a business case and support decision making.

Our core focus is Finance, HR, Customer Contact & Back Office administration services. However the product sets can have a wider application and would benefit most organisations who wish to improve operational processes, particularly any processes that are administrative, repeatable and transactional in nature.

PerformWorld have three core strands to their business:-

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Performance measurement
Service Management

"We are passionate when it comes to helping our customers benefit from improved performance through use of our innovative measurement systems, whatever the stage within the lifecycle of support service operations. We do not just conduct a benchmarking study or implement a performance measurement system for control and monitoring purposes; it is also very much about ensuring operational team members are on side when it comes to accepting change, driving actions through the visibility of performance provided and ultimately delivering the desired tangible benefits for the organisation".