Perform!Benchmark™ is a powerful web based tool that benchmarks an organisation's costs and performance, providing a roadmap to world class performance.

You are constantly looking for new ways of improving performance and achieving value-for-money in your back office and central services. Given the current financial climate, that search is becoming more urgent. How do your services compare? More importantly, what can you do about it?

Perform!Benchmark™ can provide you with the solutions to these pressing challenges…

Perform!Benchmark™ presents you with a comprehensive overview of how your services are performing and helps you get beneath the headline figures to understand what is driving them at the operational level. We go further by providing you with practical ideas for improvement. By analysing your practices, the issues you face, your systems and your technology capabilities, we arm you with insights and facts to support your change agenda.

Perform!Benchmark™ enables you to decide how high to aim through its comparisons with peer groups, average and world class performance. It clearly identifies where you have gaps in performance. You can then use it to drive continuous improvement or to build a business case for change to take you to the next level.

Perform!Benchmark™ is:

  1. Simple: web-based and intuitive to use
  2. Quick: designed to deliver fast results
  3. Quality controlled: inputs are validated and agreed
  4. Relevant: focused on what really matters
  5. In-depth: providing detailed analysis of operations, technology and performance.
  6. Action-oriented: setting a clear direction for change
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“At BPI we needed to understand the impact of moving from a decentralised to a centralised Finance function and ensure we had a beneficial business case. We measured our current state operations against key benchmarks using the PerformWorld benchmarking tool. This provided us with enough evidence to justify the cost saving potential in our Finance operations.  These key measures were incorporated in a presentation to the Board leading to a decision to implement our Shared Service Centre in Greenock, Scotland. We have now successfully centralised our satellite finance operations and achieved the original target performance we had aimed for as a result of the benchmark study”.
JF, Finance Shared Services Director, British Polythene Ltd