Benefits of Using Our Toolsets

Our toolsets can deliver a wide range of benefits for any organisation in either the private or public sector.


The Perform!Benchmark™ web based benchmarking tool provides you with a snapshot of current state performance and the roadmap towards world class, enabling you to take action to save money and improve service quality for your customers. We aim to minimise data capture effort whilst maximising the outputs available for decision making purposes by focusing only on the measures that matter. The balanced set of metrics include cost, productivity, defect levels, SLA performance and certain business related metrics to provide you with a clear insight into the process areas that are under performing so action can be taken to improve. The best practice questionnaire identifies specific technology, process or people stages of maturity which provides a checklist for improving performance. The tool is simple and intuitive to use and provides answers in a rapid timeframe.

The connected Perform!Diagnostic™ tool provides the ability to drill down to a lower activity based level within each process area to build a business case for specific projects. It analyses time, activity volumes and unit cost per activity at that granular level to further aid decision making and minimise risk in the process.

We typically identify saving opportunities in the range 20 -40% for organisations wishing to drive the saving opportunities identified.

Operational Performance Measurement

The Perform!™ operational performance measurement system is deployed on the operational floors to provide team leaders with the data to drive out errors and defects and report SLA performance to customers on a continuous basis. There is a powerful financial business case for implementing Perform!™:-

Service Management

Our Service Management framework allows an organisation to measure and report performance from both a contractual and operational perspective, as well as driving continuous improvement for the benefit of customer and service provider. We also provide workshop sessions to help develop the framework that will work best for the organisation’s stakeholders.
This joined up service management approach involves aligning the following four elements:-

To find out more about how these tools work in detail, please view the web  pages of interest to you in the relevant section.  It you would like a demonstration of the toolsets and explore how they can be used most effectively in your own organisation, please contact us at or on +44 (0) 141 433 2860
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