Our Mission

Our mission and primary purpose is to help organisations create excellence in their operational support services. This is achieved by deploying  our innovative set of web based benchmarking tools, performance measurement systems and service management best practice solutions aligned to an organisation’s specific requirements.

We are specialists in Shared Services and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) for Finance, Human Resources, Customer Contact and other Back Office administration processes, working with both the private and public sector.

Our web-based business solutions are proven to add value by helping organisations to:-

Perform!Benchmark™, a  web based benchmarking tool, will measure your organisation’s current state performance versus peer groups against a common taxonomy for like for like comparisons.

Perform!Diagnostic™ takes things to the next level;  it analyses detailed activities, identifies problems and assesses appropriate best practice opportunities to drive a prioritised roadmap for change. Options exist for either high level or deeper examination of processes.

Perform!™,  a  web based operational performance measurement system, will measure productivity, errors & defects and backlogs in processes on the operational floors to help leaders to manage services and facilitate continuous improvement. It is aligned to provide data to drive the success of six sigma improvement projects.

Our Service Management Framework, developed by working closely with Shared Services and BPO operations teams, includes off the shelf tools such as service level agreements and customer satisfaction surveys. We also provide training workshops so teams can develop and use these tools effectively in their own operational areas.

Please visit other sections of this website to discover more about specific products and their benefits or contact us on +44 (0)141 443 2687 or email info@performworld.com to request an on-line demonstration of our tools.

We very much look forward to hearing from you.
Best Regards
Jonathan Russell
Managing Director, PerformWorld

Performance measurement
Service Management

"We are passionate when it comes to helping our customers benefit from improved performance through use of our innovative measurement systems, whatever the stage within the lifecycle of support service operations. We do not just conduct a benchmarking study or implement a performance measurement system for control and monitoring purposes; it is also very much about ensuring operational team members are on side when it comes to accepting change, driving actions through the visibility of performance provided and ultimately delivering the desired tangible benefits for the organisation".