Performance Measurement System

Perform!™ Operational Performance Measurement System for Internal Shared Services and BPO Providers.

Perform!™ is an extremely powerful web based system that allows shared services leaders and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) providers to gain full visibility and control of service delivery and therefore make dramatic improvements in cost and quality.

Perform!™ is a software solution that collects fine-grain performance data direct from the operations floor; processes the full range of volume, cost, quality, efficiency and effectiveness metrics; gathers additional KPI information from other systems if required and presents a complete picture of service-delivery performance, thus allowing operational teams in your organisation to:

Perform!™ provides fantastic visibility and control. It becomes an essential tool providing key inputs for operations management, service management and continuous improvement activities, ensuring that you can meet your service, cost or pricing commitments.

Additionally it will help BPO service providers in particular to maximise profitability, generate incremental value to share with customers and create a powerful showcase for future sales.

The product has already been implemented in a number of internal shared services centres, with savings of 35% achieved through the insights and visibility of performance provided. We are now making the system available to BPO suppliers so they can also reap the benefits that Perform!™ delivers.

If you are interested in finding out more, we would be delighted to demonstrate the system to your Operations and Commercial teams. We can do this in a web-meeting lasting about an hour. Please contact us at  to suggest a suitable time for a demonstration to gain a full appreciation of the power of the system.

Performance measurement
Service Management

“We implemented Perform! as an integral part of our shared services programme to drive improvement and eliminate defects in our processes . After a few weeks of data capture, we are already reaping benefits from the information provided. The outputs are helping the teams to identify key issues to improve efficiency and quality of processing.  The tool is a key enabler to help the operational teams pick up on individual issues for action as well as presenting overall results in a highly effective dashboard format. This allows us to quickly focus on areas of importance during our monthly operational reviews ”.

GN, Finance Shared Services Leader, Leisure Industry plc