Performance Roadmap for Change

We typically follow our proven eight stage structured process in our assignments with organisations who wish to embark on a shared services,  BPO or major IT performance improvement change programme...Performance Raodmap for Change Diagram

Our innovative web based benchmarking, process diagnostic and operational performance measurement solutions are deployed at stages 3, 4 and 8

Stage 1: Assess Problems and Determine Desirable Outcomes

Stage 2: Understand and Tackle Barriers to Change

Stage 3: Understand Current State Performance vs Benchmarks

Stage 4: Build Business Case with Viable Options for Consideration

Stage 5: Assess Options, Negotiate and Select Optimal Chosen Solution

Stage 6: Change/ Cultural Readiness and Optimise People Performance

Stage 7: Implement Solution: Technology, Process, People Change Projects & Optimal Organisational Change Model

Stage 8: Realise Benefits: Continuous Performance Measurement & Improvement

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