Service Level Agreement Training

We offer the following one day Service Level Agreement (SLA) training workshop primarily to public sector organisations. The workshop caters for staff engaged in either Frontline or Support Services.

We also provide an adapted version of this course for private sector customers wishing to create service level agreements, particularly in a shared services context, in their organisation.

Training Course Title:  Service Level Agreements

Start Time: 09.45

Finish Time 16.30:

Who should attend this course: Senior Finance, Corporate & Frontline Services managers and other individuals who will have responsibility for drafting and negotiating Service Level Agreements (SLA's) or staff from organisations who are considering moving to SLA's.
What will I gain from this course: This course aims to help those in public services who either purchase or provide services and wish to use a Service Level Agreement to contract for these services. SLA's will be considered within the wider procurement agenda and delegates will examine SLA's in the context of different organisational models including Shared Services.
The course content which should be broken down in to four sessions as follows:

Registration Time: 09.15 - 09.45. Course starts at 9.45

Session One Title: Over view of SLA, Memorandum and Terms & Conditions of Agreement
Session One Details:

SLA Framework and creating a simple SLA

Memorandum of Agreement

Conditions of Agreement

Break Approx Time : 11.30
Session Two Title: Specification of Work & Price Schedule
Session Two Details:
Specification of Work

Price Schedule

Lunch Approx Time: 12.45
Session Three Title: SLAs in a Shared Services Environment
Session Three Details:

Break Approx Time: 15.20
Session Four Title: Measuring SLA Performance
Session Four Details: Various SLA Case Studies

Contact us to find out more about the training workshop– we can also consider adapting our standard course to meet specific organisational requirements.

Performance measurement
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