Shared Services Implementation Toolkit

Perform World has extensive experience of successfully implementing shared service centres.

First it is essential to produce a compelling Business Case and Vision for change based on a thorough review of existing operations and clearly define the future state organisation. We have developed template models that allow you to analyse and baseline existing operations to generate a solid business case for change. As part of the process, we help you to develop a document setting out the Vision for Shared Services appropriate to your organisation’s needs. This can ultimately be presented to senior management or the Board of Directors for agreement and sign off.

Once the framework for moving forward has been defined within the Vision document, we look in more detail at developing a Best Practice Roadmap, including outline project plans for the prioritised action plan for change. This is encompassed within a Management Report that can act as a reference document to drive forward and track the success of changes over your chosen timelines.
We have assembled a Shared Services Implementation Toolkit of over 100 tools to help you fast-track the implementation of your shared service centre. These tried and tested tools will save you time and money by avoiding the need to re-invent the wheel. The various tools can be used throughout the lifecycle of your Shared Services implementation, from feasibility to steady state operations.

Shared Services Implementation Toolkit  is a unique methodology designed to help minimise the cost and risk of implementing Shared Services. The Perform!™ web based system knowledge database functionality can be utilised as the core delivery mechanism for this revolutionary approach to implementing a Shared Service.

The team at PerformWorld can help you, drawing on our:-

We focus on process, technology and most importantly the people aspects of a Shared Services implementation - all need to be just right if this important strategic decision is to be judged a success. We want to help minimise risk and help avoid the typical mistakes we have witnessed so many shared Services make in the past.

The following may seem obvious but are central to our thinking for delivering success:-

Shared Services implementations have often failed to deliver the promised benefits and in part this has been due to the failure to address these very points. We will now set out some of the components of our methodology that could help ensure your Shared Services implementation is a success.

The Shared Services Implementation Toolkit comprises the following lifecycle components for an SSC implementation:-

Examples of some of our tools available are:-

All these tools have been used before in a practical shared services environment. There are over 100 components to the toolset and a more detailed list can be viewed via the download at the top of this page.

The shared services implementation toolkit  is also very much aligned to the various stages in the performance roadmap for change.

Performance measurement
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