We are able to offer on-line surveys tailored to your needs. We have a standard set of survey questions that have been used in a shared services environment and can be altered to your exact specification.

Our web tool is used to host the Surveys and the flexibility provided allows you to analyse the results by a number of sub group dimensions to isolate particular reasons for differences in results. The survey tool with its user friendly survey creation feature is flexible and if you adopt it on an annual license basis it allows you to run unlimited surveys right across your company, lowering total cost of ownership.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Change Readiness Diagnostic

The Change Readiness Diagnostic is a web based survey using a standard question set with capability to add additional ones specifically relevant to your situation. It is simple and quick to complete. It enables you to understand the level of readiness for change like the implementation of a shared service centre. By involving people, who will be impacted by the changes ahead, in the process you will be more likely to spot significant issues up-front.

This applies either to people who are participating in the change project itself or those who will need to live with the changes once implemented. The survey takes about 15 minutes to complete. It pinpoints some of the urgent issues that will need to be addressed as well as highlighting existing strengths. This allows you to more effectively manage the change itself by tackling some of the weaker areas that may impact on the success of the project. The results are presented in an easy, quick to understand format with ability to drill down to areas for priority attention.
Arrange for a demonstration of the Change Readiness Diagnostic Survey. It should help you to avoid any unpleasant surprises by isolating some of the embedded issues ahead of time.

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